Spent a large chunk of 2019 working on this new music video with Chicago artist Shi la Rosa. Featuring a UFO abduction, alien disco dance party, & El Camino kidnap scene.

Special thanks for all the friends & crew that helped us out in this wild production! BTS Below…

Director: Ross Feighery
Assistant Director: Shi la Rosa
Editing & VFX: Ross Feighery
Main Camera: Ross Feighery
B Camera: Charles Bouril
Camera Assistant: Charles Bouril
Camera Assistant: Eric Rejman
Gaffer: Mark Markley
Hair & Makeup: Kasha Rodig
Production Assistant: Krissy Singer
Saxophone Player: Eric Novak
Song Production: Space Ca$h

Dylan Kroll
Adrian Dabu
Isabel Dovalé
Sofia D’Alessandro
Eleanor Danisch
Mylo Reyes
Drew Jensen
HMax Goldfreed
Kelsey Carter
Shoshanna Morgan
Karolina Hajdas
Cheska Cabanlit

Natalie Seiler
Elly Tier

Giovanni Rodriguez
Jake Serek