In April I traveled to New York City to shoot a series of images showcasing LensCrafters new line of prescription sunglasses.

I collaborated with Relevent, an experiential marketing agency that’s known for their extravagant corporate events and star studded parties. The images illustrate before & after scenarios of people being blinded by sunlight and the magical mood shift that can happen when you slip on a pair of stylish shades! They were printed as large scale lenticular prints and displayed at a magazine industry event in NYC. Lenticular prints are a neat little way of showing images because they play an optical illusion on the eye, when you looked at the print from one direction you’d see the subject being blinded by the sun…but move a few feet over and they’re wearing sunglasses! Check out some of the final photos and images from the event below…and yes, Joan Rivers was in the house!

View these images in higher resolution in the “Commissions” section on my website